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We think that the appropriate selection of furniture creates a positive atmosphere and mood among residents. And it is our goal to provide elegantly designed furniture for every setting, including the home, workplace, café, and hotel, with the highest quality and best-designed items to stimulate happy sensations, which may increase productivity and quality of life.

Following JSB’s reputation for hard work and exceptional artistry, our artisan crafters can produce the finest artisanal masterpiece to deliver our consumers the best experience and products.

Our R&D department researches the finest alternative furniture materials to produce high-quality goods, allowing clients to select their favourite materials. Furthermore, for those looking for furniture suppliers, we frequently update our items to reflect the most recent business furniture designs.


Quality without Compromise. As a member of the national group of companies, JIVA Group (PT. Jiva Samudera Biru.), JIVA FURNITURE have more than eight years of experience producing and exporting furniture for the international market. More than thousands of pieces of furniture have been shipped to families and businesses worldwide.


Sourced From Sustainable Forests. We care about the origin of the wood. The wood we use comes from responsibly managed forests, including forests that we operate under accredited international certification. Before the wood is made into furniture, we dry our wood through a kiln drying process so that the moisture content of the wood drops to an ideal level for long-term furniture use.


Artisan Furniture For Urban Life. We believe good design should be easy to accept and comfortable to enjoy. For this reason, we collaborate with the best local artisans and MSMEs to create furniture that is suitable for the needs of urban life—furniture that is pleasing to the eye, reliable for the long term, but not difficult to ship.

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