Indonesia’s Furniture Export Reaches IDR 28.6 Trillion; the US is the Biggest Market.

Indonesian furniture is renowned for its distinctive qualities and use of high-quality wood. In addition, the mix of eco-friendly materials makes it incredibly popular around the globe, including in Europe, America, Asia, and Africa.

The Central Statistics Agency (BPS) announced that the national export value of wood furniture between January and December 2021 reached $1.99 billion, or approximately Rp 28.6 trillion.

This value climbed by 32.54 percent compared to sales during the same period last year, which totaled around US$ 1.5 billion or Rp 21.65 trillion.

Meanwhile, the volume hit 508,7 million kg. This quantity climbed by 20.46 percent compared to exports during the same time frame in 2020, which totaled 422.3 million kg.

The following are the primary export destinations for Indonesian wooden furniture in 2021:

  1. The USA

Trade Volume: 246.619.058 kg

Value: US$1,144,231,040

  1. Japan

Trade Volume: 58,607,885 kg

Value: US$138,926,857

  1. The UK

Trade Volume: 27,282,278 kg

Value: US$ 62,010,800

  1. The Netherlands

Trade Volume: 27,046,264 kg

Value: US$ 97,577,520

  1. France

Trade Volume: 17,143,513 kg

Value: US$ 46,939,172

Several regions in Indonesia, like Pasuruan and Jepara, are well-known as centers of wood furniture production. Two communities in Pasuruan produce wooden furniture. In Jepara, almost 80 percent of the population is employed in the furniture sector.

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